Sep 22, 2015

Amelia & Bayla

Remember at our old house that Amelia had a canine bestie named Maisy?

I was so worried when we bought our new house that there wouldn't be a new friend nearby for her. But there is! Her name is Bayla, and when we found out that she lived right behind us, we planned for a gate to be installed between our yards when we built our new fence so she could come over to play whenever we were available.

It's working out GREAT.

She gets to come over all the time, sometimes even on weeknights. Because Amelia can hardly stand to go a day without seeing her. "I WANNA SEE BAY-WAH."

On Sunday afternoon, we invited her over to play for two hours. SHE EVEN GOT ON THE TRAMPOLINE.

She is such a sweet dog, especially given the fact that Amelia won't leave her alone for a single, solitary second when they're together.

She's even taught herself how to make "kissy sounds" (sort of) so that she can get Bayla to give her kisses.

After all the trampoline work, they were both pretty tuckered out.

Please see: Sweaty hair plastered to forehead.

We spent about a half hour just sitting on the porch enjoying a not-100-degree afternoon. IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER.

A couple of last pets, and then it was time to walk her back to her side of the fence.


It's hard to say no, even to such a sweaty head.

So she stayed another 20.

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