Mar 25, 2015

Amelia & Maisy

Amelia still talks about Scout every day. Every single day.

She asks when he's coming home, and she says, "Scoutie's coming back for me." She breaks my heart anew every day.

In just over a month, she's going to be saying goodbye to her OTHER best pet friend, Maisy.

Maisy is the chocolate lab pound puppy who lives in the house behind us, and they've been buddies since Amelia was old enough to understand that animals are her destiny.

Like Moses who lived in that house before her, Maisy is a gentle spirit and loves our kids.

Amelia is the only one who's taken such a liking to her, though, and Amelia BEGS to go out and play with her several days a week.

We keep dog treats in our pantry just for her, although when we run out, we give her slices of American cheese -- her REAL favorite treat.

I already know what's coming.

I know that when our move date is just around the corner, her lip is going to quiver, the tears are going to spill over, and she's going to ask, "CAN WE TAKE MAY-MAY WIFF US?"

I'd like nothing more, but no, aside from the fact that Grayson hates dogs, SHE'S SOMEONE ELSE'S PET. We just borrow her regularly.

So deep is Amelia's love for her, though, that she will hand-feed her tiny little treats for half an hour. (I break down one Beggin' Strip into 15 or 20 tiny pieces to make it last longer.)

Maisy is so gentle with Amelia that she tries to lap up the treats with the tip of her tongue rather than her teeth.

I stress again how sweet Maisy is with her because in the middle of this little Treat Session, I encouraged Amelia to toss one of the treats up in the air so Maisy would jump for it.

I DIDN'T MEAN FOR HER TO THROW IT OVER HER HEAD, INTERNET. But that's what she did, and Maisy went over her head to get it. I hate to tell you this, but I got an action shot, dog treat in flight and all.

Amelia went down on her bottom, started crying, YES I PUT MY PHONE DOWN, Maisy immediately started licking her, I checked Amelia out and hugged the tears away, and before I knew it ...

Reason #421 it will be hard to leave this place.

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