Jul 16, 2015

T-minus 23 hours

Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., the movers will be at our house.

It's hard to believe.

The new house isn't completely ready, but ready or not, HERE WE COME.

I was there until 4:00 this morning working on the wood wall in the den. I'd said I didn't have time to stain it before we moved in, but I guess I made the time. I know myself, and I know once the TV is hung on that wall and that heavy media console is sitting in front of it, I'll never touch it again. It was now or never.

(Please note the complete disarray of the rest of the room. And this is a relatively organized portion of the house. That hasn't been cleaned yet. That we're  moving into tomorrow.)

I wasn't able to start until 8:00 last night, and it was slow going ... but all the stain is on. Tonight, the poly.

The builder-grade mirrors have been trimmed out with leftover cedar (from the wood-clad walls) in the boys', Amelia's and the basement bathrooms. Faucets are in.

All the baths got oil-rubbed bronze fixtures except Amelia's. She got chrome, because SHINY THINGS! (Accordingly, her bath is the only one in which the light fixtures have chrome accents.)

No hardware has been installed yet, but hopefully that will happen today. Would love to have places to hang toilet paper and towels.

The master bath has vanities but no mirrors or hardware yet. 

Same in the guest bath. And see those brushed-nickel knobs? I have oil-rubbed bronze hardware to replace them with, but it turns out that these knobs are installed with two holes -- not one -- so mine won't work. Have to find some that will.

The steps were the last thing to be carpeted.

Most of the doorknobs and hinges have been replaced (from brass to oil-rubbed bronze). The painters are going to touch up the spots that need it. 

So the final countdown is on. I won't share my punchlist with you, because if I did, you might start hyperventilating. No reason for you to get all upset.


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