Jul 15, 2015

At least we'll have floors

Well, Internet.

We move to the new house this Friday and Saturday.

The good news is, the floors are basically done! I chose a "coffee" stain, which is pretty dark. Some would say too dark.

(I'm not Some.)

I'm totally infatuated with them, which is a good thing, because Lord knows they're permanent at this point.



Master Bedroom 

Grayson's Office (Basement)


What we DON'T have are working toilets, showers or bathtubs. Or running water in the kitchen. Or a stove or microwave.

The laundry room, mudroom and garages haven't been painted.

Some of the light fixtures still aren't in. Oh, and we have no door handles, either. But who needs those? DOOR HANDLES ARE FOR WUSSES.

There are also about 35 items on my punchlist. But we're moving anyway. Because if we don't, I have a feeling that we might never.

And hey, they still have ALL DAY TODAY AND TOMORROW to finish everything.

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