Apr 14, 2015

Progress continues at the new house. S-l-o-w progress

Even though there are a hundred other things I still need to share with you -- Easter and our trip to Vegas are two examples -- I know some of you are itching for an update on the new house.

Things are coming along, albeit more slowly than I'd like. (Do I say that every time I update you?) (Sorry.)

Back when we bought the house in December, the basement looked like this:

A couple of weeks ago, they framed in and drywalled the area that will be Grayson's office, on the far end of the basement. So today from that same spot, it looks like this:

Grayson is really excited about having a dedicated space -- with plenty of room, and windows -- in the new house.

Here's what it looks like on the other side of his door:

And looking around inside the office, you can see that it has a nice, big bay window.

We'll line the walls that don't have windows with his bookshelves, and his recliner and desk will also go in there.

Upstairs, the drywall guys patched the spot in the den where Grayson had stepped through the ceiling.

And our contractor built out the shaker-style mantel, which is really beautiful. On the floor, you can see some of the herringbone carrara marble laid out; it's going to be the fireplace surround. I can't wait!

Right above the mantel, the contractor has put up a few sample cedar planks for me ... that whole wall will be planked.

In the kitchen, remember the newel posts he built? And they were a leeeeetle too large and ornate for my taste?

Well, I asked him to take almost all of the trim off the top of each post, leaving just a cap. He did, and I'm much more comfortable with them now. They're still Big, but I don't feel like they're the safety hazard that they were. And they just suit my style better.

Before, a lot of corners.

After, fewer corners.

The contractor also finished the handrails going up the stairs, and they're very plain. I love them.

One day a couple of weeks ago, I went over to the house in the evening and walked into this:

Giant scaffolding in the kitchen! And I DO mean GIANT. The ceiling in there is at least 20 feet tall, and it went almost all the way to the top.

I was nearly beside myself, because they were working on MY BEAMS!

At the end of that week, they were done. And I ADORE THEM. With a passion. A strong, STRONG passion.

Also in the kitchen, the cabinet boxes are in -- although we're still waiting on the doors. (The doors are being built by a secondary company, and they're not ready yet. Hopefully next week.)

It was great to see the long-awaited cabinets going in!

The peninsula is GORGEOUS. I went last Saturday afternoon and chose countertop material, and hopefully they'll come measure for that this week.

The views out of the kids' bedroom windows are so pretty now that the trees are in bloom. This is the view out of Amelia's window:

Right next door to her room, Nick and Jake have an even better view of the trees:

Nathaniel's room faces the back of the house, and his view will be almost completely green in a few weeks:

The kids still aren't completely "sold" on the move, but I'm hoping the closer we get to the date (whenever THAT is), the more open their hearts will become. I think when paint goes up on the walls and flooring goes in, it will begin to feel more like home to them.

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