Apr 15, 2015

Judgment Day

This is the main reason I stay off of Facebook. And tumblr. And all those other sites (except Twitter) where people feel so free to post their unfiltered thoughts.

Well, there are two reasons. One, judgmental people are also generally pretty bad spellers. And two, it just makes my stomach hurt. There's no room in my life for stuff like that.

But when I ran across this in my feedly today via FailBlog, I actually read the whole thing. I hope the original poster learned something.

Okay, two things. To proofread, and TO QUIT JUDGING OTHERS.

Also, if you were thinking about leaving me a comment calling me, like, a Raging Liberal or something -- I don't even know who sides with poor people. Is it liberals? Prolly. I don't do politics.

At any rate. If you were thinking about getting into a row with me, I got a call from the principal's office today telling me that Nick flipped somebody the bird at school and now we get to deal with that tonight.


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