Mar 3, 2015

Peeking out from under my rock

Last Monday I started feeling kind of weird. Last Tuesday I uttered the words, "I think I might be coming down with something."

Last Wednesday I was definitely sick but thought it was probably just a bad cold. Last Thursday I went to work and made it half a day before my manager asked me to leave. I don't think I've ever been ASKED to leave the office before.

I went straight to the doctor, tested positive for the flu, and that's pretty much all I remember until yesterday. I literally didn't leave my bedroom for four days. Even yesterday, I only managed a couple of hours in the den. I still haven't smelled fresh air.

Do you know what this means? I haven't been to the new house in a week. I haven't even talked to the contractor. If you know me at ALL, that alone tells you how sick I've been. I'm very anxious to get over there and see what's happened over the last week.

One thing that's happening right now is that we listed The Bed (you know, the one the previous owners left behind?) on CraigsList. And it sold.

It's currently sitting in pieces upstairs at the new house, and hopefully Grayson's going to meet the Really Nice Not Creepy Non-Serial-Killers tonight to load it up in their truck. Fingers crossed.

The last time I was at the house, I took these shots of progress. The master bath had been demo'd and it was pretty much an empty shell.

It's going to make a huge difference with the shower being more open with half-glass walls instead of being completely enclosed.

Elsewhere, they laid the hardwoods on the main floor, and they look great. Here's a spot where the den meets the kitchen -- where carpet used to meet hardwood. Once everything is sanded and stained/refinished, it will all match.

The sight of those wood floors makes my heart go pitter-patter.

They run down the hall to what was a linen closet (I guess), but I'm turning this into our wireless hub/electronics closet. We're running electricity to it, and our router, modem, wireless printer and all the related cords and equipment are going in there. I'm venting the doors so it won't overheat. We're hoping that having the equipment centrally located in the house will give us better coverage for everyone's devices. (And I want it out of sight.)

The guest bedroom got its pretty new floors ...

As did the master bedroom.

And upstairs, they ripped out all of the stinky old carpet. (New carpet is going in up here, not hardwoods.) This is Nick and Jake's room, where The Bed used to be.

This is Amelia's room ...

And this is Nathaniel's room.

Other than that, the biggest thing I noticed was that they'd removed the old brass doorknobs, which I plan to replace with aged bronze ones. (They will read as black.)

Hopefully I'll be able to drop by later this week and see what else has happened! BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT'S KILLING ME.

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