Mar 5, 2015

A sweeter brother there never was

I was going through my phone looking for some pictures of the kids I could share with you to prove that they're here, they're okay.

I know our families are FOR SURE going through major withdrawal. I don't know when the blog has gone through such a dry spell regarding pictures of the kids. Apologies, family.

Ima do my best this weekend to correct this egregious oversight on my part. In the meantime, I pulled this one that Grayson texted me while I was on my deathbed, going through withdrawals of my own, since I hadn't been able to hug, kiss or otherwise touch my own children for five days.

Amelia LOVES for us to read to her, and she's not picky. She'll take any available reader. She DOES, however, have a specific set of books she likes, and most of them star Disney Princesses.

Luckily, big brother Jake is willing to curl up beside her in Grayson's recliner and read her a big stack of them. (And when I say "big stack," I mean BIG STACK. Because if you try to stop, she'll say, "I HAVE MORE" and come running with six or seven more princess books. Try her. I dare you.)

Missing this and countless other moments like it over the past week really stank. Glad to be back in the saddle.

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