Jan 22, 2015

Who else loves Settlers?

Last Sunday night we did something we haven't done in THE LONGEST.

We planned a Game Night with friends.

This has been largely unheard of for us over the last 12 years because children.

But our friends Mike and Lisa invited us over to play Settlers, and we jumped at the chance. WE LOVE SETTLERS OF CATAN. Have you played?

Our mutual friends Doug and Honor introduced us to it years ago, and we've loved it ever since. I even play it on my phone every chance I get. YES THERE'S AN APP. (Top left, below. Primo spot on my phone.)

I can literally hear some of you scrambling to the App Store to buy it RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, Mike and Lisa invited us over to eat pizza and play Settlers, mainly because their sons Josh and DJ wanted to play with some "new blood."

Did Mike pull a stationary bike up to the table? YES HE DID. He was in the middle of an MLK Weekend Fitbit Challenge, and he will have you know that he was not ABOUT to forgo any activity just to play a boardgame. NO SIR.

Our first game took right at an hour, and Grayson won. We decided that of course we needed to play another round.

Even with Amelia as my co-pilot (when she wasn't busy playing with their new puppy, Rocky -- with whom she is OBSESSED), I couldn't pull out a win. But Lisa did, and she was totally pleased with herself.

So. Have you played Settlers? Do you love it as much as we do? If you haven't, you absolutely must. It's so much fun! Even the Green Bay Packers love it! (That article cracked me up. For real.)

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