Jan 21, 2015

My apologies in advance

The majority of the blogs I read are "shelter blogs," or home-design and DIY blogs.

I'm obsessed. Well, I prefer the term "passionate."

Every one I read adds a little something nice to my day, and many of them have served as inspiration for the design of the rooms in the new house.

But every once in a while, I come across something on one of these lovely blogs that stops me in my tracks. That happened to me last night.

I was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, minding my own business, reading a post about "inspired bathrooms," when all of a sudden this scrolled up onto my screen:

I can't.

I just can't.

Keep in mind that the author of the blog I was reading really LIKED this image. But I'm sorry.

That wallpaper is phallic.

Although I suppose if there's one room in your entire house where you could potentially get away with phallic wallpaper, it's your bathroom.

Truth time: Would you hang this paper in your house?

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