Dec 18, 2014

When things are out of balance

On Monday morning, we got a call from daycare that Amelia was sick.

Grayson went to pick her up, and he'd no sooner buckled her into her car seat when she threw up all over everything.

He cleaned her -- and the car -- up as best as he could, then got them home so he could tend to her for the rest of the day.

She was a pitiful little thing, but ultimately it ended up just being a 12-hour stomach bug.

Because daycare has a 24-hour rule that we wanted to honor, I stayed home with her on Tuesday.

I was incredibly grateful that the time of year and my current workload allowed me to take the sick day without any real hardship -- none of my business partners needed me while I was out, and I didn't have a mountain of tasks waiting for me upon my return yesterday.

There are certainly times during the year when work and life aren't in such a balance, and it can make it hard on our family.

This month, with the added complications of closing on our new house and traveling for the holidays, along with a couple of extended-family members navigating ongoing health concerns, I was relieved that this little blip on the radar was exactly that: a blip.

I'm happy to report that Amelia is totally back to normal, kicking bootie and taking names around the house.

Not that I expected anything less, but with these viruses, you never know how long they're going to last.

It's great to have her smiling face back.

I wanted to make sure to share some of these pictures with you ... most years I forget to come back and share more of the pictures from our Christmas-card picture shoot.

There really ARE very few things as satisfying as throwing rocks into water.

So if you're wasting your time doing too many other things, you should probably reexamine your priorities.

I can't get over how quickly she's growing up, and I want to savor each and every moment with her.

Soon enough, the rock-throwing won't be an adventure anymore ...

And she'll be off on big adventures of her own making.

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