Dec 18, 2014

2014 wishlist items -- for you procrastinators

You've got all your shopping done, right? Nothing left to pick up at the last minute? In the old days, I used to be able to share ideas with you, share the things I was buying for our boys with you several weeks early.

CAN'T DO THAT ANYMORE, since they read the blog during their computer time at school. But even though it literally IS last-minute, it occurred to me that I CAN share with you a few things that I bought for other kids on our Christmas list, several things that the kids put on their own lists, and some things that The Ladies might like to see under the tree.

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll ($34.99)

Frozen Anna baby doll ($29.99)

Sofia the First Princess-in-Training musical book ($6.02)

Sofia the First: The Royal Slumber Party ($3.99)  We actually have this book and it's one of Amelia's favorites.

Simon ($25.75)

Gaming headset ($25.99)

Tattly tattoos ($15-$16) Have you seen these? They're kid-safe, made from vegetable-based ink, but they're really beautiful ... not as juvenile looking as most kids' tattoos. For girls and boys. Kids and adults.

Boogie Board writing tablet ($29)  Kids need something to do in the car or while waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant? Ta-da!

Oh, and hey, if you're looking for something cute for a wife or girlfriend -- OR FOR YOURSELF -- here are a few ideas:

Super-soft quilted chevron throw ($59.88)  I MEAN. Who wouldn't want this. In every color.

Faux-fur throw ($49.95)  I have this blanket in charcoal, and it's the softest thing ever.

2015 Kate Spade planner ($29.95)  I only spent $7 on my own planner, but this one's a stunner.

The Middle on DVD (Season 1) ($17.99)  Whether you have kids or not, this show is one of TV's best comedies. Jamie doesn't have kids, and she'll back me up on that, 100 percent.

Orphan Black on DVD (Season 1) ($15.99)  Grayson and I are obsessed with this show, and it won't even take you that long to catch up. Short seasons, and Season 3 doesn't start until April. JOIN US.

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