Dec 9, 2014

Our CURRENT home tour

For years now, I've been getting questions about a more comprehensive home-tour blog post.

Ima go ahead and assume that's because no one wants to go to the trouble of clicking around on the "Our Home" page of the blog THAT I PAINSTAKINGLY UPDATE ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS.

At various times, you've sent complimentary requests such as (and these are verbatim from your emails, by the way), "Can you give us a tour of your home? It looks like you are a great decorator and put a lot of time into it," and "I would love to see more of your house. You have great taste, and I would love to see how that manifests itself in the other rooms of your house that we haven't seen," and "I like the idea of giving us a tour of your home ... within reason."

That last one's my favorite. It's like, "I want to see some more of your house, but don't go crazy. I'VE GOT LUNCH PLANS IN HALF AN HOUR."

Some of these requests probably go back three or four years, because I am EXCELLENT at answering your questions in a timely manner. That's probably my best quality as a blogger. And I was thinking last night, "Grass, what better time to show everyone the rooms in your house than now? When you're about to move?" 

And I decided that now is the PERFECT time.

Please understand that while you are all VERY important to me and I think the WORLD of you, I did not vacuum these rooms or style these photos in any way. That means that you're going to see all manner of crap on bedside tables, electrical cords snaking under desks, and dust bunnies (or dinosaurs) on floors. I PICKED UP in general and made the beds, but the rest of the stuff just stayed where it was. Because ain't nobody got time fo' dat. -- Sweet Brown

I'm VERY much looking forward to freshening up Nathaniel's room when we get into the new house ... he'll be 12 in a couple of weeks, and he has a lot of "stuff." And nowhere to put it, because his closet doubles as my Christmas-decorations storage closet. It'll be a relief to have more space to spread his things out.

Are there any Friday Night Lights fans in the house today? If so, you're probably about to get excited.

Diehard FNL fans will recognize the quote on this piece of custom art ... It may be my favorite thing in my house.

Basically I did a search of etsy sellers who worked on custom wood signs, and I asked ChicRusticSigns shop owner Stephanie to make this one for me. She did, and now she offers them in her shop for anyone!

I noticed when I went back to grab a link to her shop that she offers a variation on it now that includes a family name, which is kind of neat. If you're into that.

Anyway, can you tell how much I love it, because I'm posting 23 pictures of it? LOVE. IT.

Amelia sleeps with every bit of this in her "cribby" every night, except for that really cute "Amelia" pillow. (It's too cute to sleep with.) If you attempt to take EVEN ONE of her "buddies" out, she will CUT YOU.

It's a full house up in there.

We have a ginormous TV in our bedroom and I will not apologize for it. We enjoy listening to  life-size Matt, Savannah, Natalie and Al while we get ready every morning.

If you think it's not a problem for me that the light fixture isn't centered on the bay window, you'd be mistaken. Perhaps that's why I haven't slept well for 15 years. To make matters worse, we often keep the leaf in our table so it can seat eight people, so the table's off-centered, too. It's best if you just look away, Internet.

It's been forever since we actually used our dining room AS a dining room, and now that we've turned it back into one, I wish we were going to be here longer.

I'm not a fan of having spaces you don't actually USE in your house, but several times a year I really wish we had a second dining space.

And I worked really hard to whip this one back into shape!

It's funny, because the kids' bathroom upstairs is painted the same color as the dining room (Ben Moore's Palladian Blue), but it looks greener in their bathroom than it does in the dining room.

I love it in both rooms, but it looks more "robin's egg" in the dining room and more "spa" in the bathroom. It's funny how that works.

Remember when I started working on making our basement a more hospitable space for the kids? It was back in the spring or something. Well, I finally finished -- or at least as much as I'm going to, since it looks like we're going to be moving in a few months. So here's where things ended up.

When I went on that painting binge and painted the interior of my front and back doors grey? I also came down and did the inside of the basement door. I don't regret it for a second.

(And while I'm mentioning it, I also painted our laundry doors outside our master bedroom. Also don't regret that.)

Anyway, back to the basement ... when you sit on Big Brown, this is the view. I put two of the shelving units in the space that USED to be our laundry area, before we relocated the washer and dryer up two floors.

It's not gorgeous, but it's functional, and it keeps that area from going to waste.

Hope you enjoyed the long-awaited home tour! I did leave a few areas out, but nothing that really warrants viewing. And believe me, as we finish spaces in our new house, there will be PLENTY of house posts to come!

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