Dec 10, 2014

Livin' la vida Bluff Park

​The main reason we were so specific about the location of our new house was our desire to remain in our current school district. It's a pretty small area, one that has been fraught with duh-rahma over the past several months.

Our city school board superintendent -- who actually just submitted his resignation this week -- redrew the school attendance zones last summer, causing no small amount of heartache for our little community. It's not that there aren't some valid reasons for making changes -- there are. And it's a given that you can't please all the families in the city no matter what you do. But his proposal didn't make a lot of sense, and Bluff Park (our part of Hoover, Ala.) rose up in a big way to speak out against his plan.

One Friday evening right after the first day of school, our neighborhood diner, Tip Tip Grill, hosted a social for the entire community and donated a portion of its profits to the elementary school's PTO. Hundreds of people came, and because it was such a hot-button issue at the time , TV and print media were there, too.​

Tip Top -- formerly a gas station -- boasts one of the best valley views in Bluff Park, and it was a terrific night for us all to gather, enjoy each other's company and demonstrate our ties to the community.

For now, the rezoning is on hold and the search is on for an interim superintendent.

And we've found the "perfect" house for our family, so we're going ahead and moving even though we don't know what the future holds in terms of the school attendance zones -- but realistically speaking, we could end up on either side of the line whether we move or not.

Most important, we're only moving one neighborhood over, so whatever happens with the elementary schools, we get to keep everything else we love about Bluff Park.

I honestly can't imagine loving living anywhere as much as I love living here. 

Not counting Kauai. Obvs.

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