Dec 15, 2014

Is there a name for this syndrome?

I'm sure every single one of you noticed the other day when I posted my mini home tour that there was something amiss in my kitchen.

Well, there are SEVERAL things amiss, but one really stands out in photos, and sadly, it's been like that for months.

And I have this thing about my personality, I don't know what you'd call it, it's worse than procrastination, that when I have three or four huge, really important things to do, I'll somehow get totally fixated on some inconsequential thing and do that instead. (Another thing about my personality: I'm not opposed to the occasional run-on sentence.)

Yesterday, instead of stuffing, return addressing, addressing and stamping 325 Christmas cards, for example, I opted to get out my wood putty and find JUST the right screw, bolt and washer and fix that darn handle.

Then, I was reminded when I opened it to fix it, it's totally NASTY in there.

We've never used it for sponges and whathaveyou, because who does? Gross. Those things need to air out. But what if whomever buys our house wants to use it? I decided it definitely needed a fresh coat of white paint.

I stopped short of caulking the seams only because I didn't have any white caulk on hand.

So I DO feel like I accomplished something with this little impromptu project. Albeit something no one will notice.

You know what WILL be noticed? The lack of Christmas cards in 325 mailboxes this week.

I'd better get right on that.

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