Nov 24, 2014

Snow White cousins

Over the weekend I was going through the kids' clothes, performing my least-favorite task of the year: switching out one season's clothes for the next.

If we were Kardashian Wealthy, I wouldn't buy twice as many clothes for everyone. I'd just buy two DRESSERS for everyone. Then there'd be no "seasonal switchout." Each kid would have a long-sleeve dresser and a short-sleeve dresser, and I'd only have to switch their clothes out once a year: when they grew out of them.

Is this the height of laziness come to roost in a mother? Perhaps.

Am I ashamed to admit it? NO. I've got better things to go with my time than this, and I swear it takes me a full weekend to do it twice a year.


Anyway, I was doing that, and in the process I was pulling out the 3T winter boxes that Kim had sent down from New York for Amelia. Her daughter Abby wears the cutest clothes, and she's been handing them down to Amelia since she was born. It's a total blessing to us!

The boxes held one particular treasure that captured Amelia's attention immediately: a Snow White costume. She wanted to put it on as soon as she saw it, and she practiced her "pwincess wok," walking around in it while holding up the skirt daintily in front of her. KILLED ME DEAD.

When I posted it on Facebook, Kim posted a picture of Abby in the costume several years ago.

And for reference, here's a picture of Abby and Amelia playing at Ocean Isle Beach last July.

(I honestly can't believe how much older Amelia looks now than she did just four months ago!)

Looking at that beach picture, I thought, "I wonder if Amelia will be wearing Abby's swimsuit in seven or eight years?" And then I laughed because it struck me that the one she's wearing looks an awful lot like it.

The truth is, I don't even like imagining seven or eight years down the road, because I enjoy her so much right now. Wish I could just capture this time in a bottle. My mini-Snow White.

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