Sep 22, 2014

Amelia's 3rd birthday party

This is going to be a very Amelia-heavy week.


Her 3rd birthday is Friday, but we celebrated almost a week early because I have a work commitment this Saturday. So for one time AND ONE TIME ONLY, you get to enjoy pictures of an event kind of in advance!

(I'm just now realizing I could've saved these pictures until next week and finally shared Easter with you today.) (Oh well. Easter can wait until next week.)

Our regular cake lady Vickie's daughter was getting married last Saturday, so she wasn't able to make Amelia's cake for us. It took us a while to adjust to that piece of news, but we rebounded and ordered a cake from Olexa's, a local bakery that makes great cakes.

They came through with a pretty Frozen-inspired cake for Amelia:

I don't know if you can make it out, but there was glitter that looked like "fairy dust" in the icing.

The edges looked like they'd been piped with snow drifts, and they even airbrushed it with soft pink accents.

The snowflakes on top were so delicate!

They really did a great job on it.

As has become our custom for party favors, I ordered cake pops from my friend Jamie. (Have you visited her cake pop shop, Jamie's Sweet Revenge? If not, you're missing out.)

Olaf is 100-percent edible. On Anna and Elsa, their skirts are edible, and their tops are decorative (they're paper toppers on toothpicks that pop right out).

I ordered three dozen. Ask me how many are left.


They were a huge hit.

Two of Amelia's friends from daycare came, Moody and Emma. Emma's sister Caroline came, too.

And her cousins George Emory, Branum and John Bart were there, along with our babysitter Anna and the kids' parents. So we had a great group! I was pleased since it came together in a hurry and invitations only went out the week of the party.

I don't think I've ever seen any group of kids enjoy a trampoline more than these 3-year-olds (and Caroline).

I don't think any of them have a trampoline at home, so they had a blast.

They jumped for almost two solid hours without stopping, and they giggled the whole time.

Anna remarked -- and I agree -- that it's easy to tell that Amelia was raised on a trampoline.

She can jump circles around kids who are much older than she is. She's really sure-footed out there and it doesn't bother her when she falls down, or even to get knocked down. Only to be "cwunched."

I wouldn't be surprised if Moody asked his dad for a trampoline on the way home.

This picture made me laugh. Emma and Amelia are having so much fun, one with beautiful bouncing curls, one with ... well.

I think Emma needs to put a trampoline on her Christmas list, too.

Our gift to Amelia was a set of plush Anna, Elsa and Olaf dolls. I was worried she wouldn't let them remain the centerpiece for the table for the duration of the party, but she did.

(I didn't tell her they were FOR her; I told her they were for the table. But still. I thought she might demand them.)

I know you guys are going to think this is ridiculous, especially since I'm not a Pinterest Parent, but those two-liter Cokes in the background of these shots are TOTALLY KILLING ME. As a matter of fact, I absolutely considered only serving bottled water with coordinating wraps that said "Melted Snow" on them, because the OCD in me would prefer that. But I stood strong and decided that people might prefer Coke and Coke Zero.


Speaking of coordinating things, I ordered a dress from etsy a few months ago specifically for her party, and when it was time to get dressed, she refused to wear it. Of course she was dying to wear it TO BED THAT NIGHT, but it was a no go for the party.


I didn't argue with her. What are you gonna do? It's her birthday. Let her wear what she wants. Especially when it's rainbow chevron. Girlfriend has taste.

She was a little shy while we were singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

She reminded me of myself when I'm in the spotlight. Shoulders hunched up ...

... looking like she's in physical pain.

Her brothers came over to help her blow out her candles, because she wasn't sure how to do it.


After we enjoyed the cake, she opened her gifts, we handed out cake pops and the guests headed home. It was a wonderful evening and we were glad so many could share it with us and our sweet, sweet girl.

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