Sep 19, 2014

A new set of paintings

I know the men just couldn't WAIT to click into this post.


Well. Just wait until you see the cuteness that awaits.

I ordered a custom set of paintings from Hands of Miriam, an etsy shop that I found kind of by accident one day, and they're just the cutest things ever. I hung them up in a grouping in our master bathroom, and they make me happy.

They're 8x10s, and I could've framed them, but the edges are painted, and I'm fine with them as they are. (Oops. Should've straightened the charcoal one before I took that picture. Sorry.)

What I really want to do is find a huge white frame with no glass to hang around all four of them. I've looked at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, but I haven't found one that's big enough.

But that's my vision of what I want it to look like. I think a big, white frame with no back and no glass would look great framing these out against the grey wall.

 I found one that I liked, but it only came as large as 16x20, which isn't big enough to fit around my four 8x10s

 It looks kind of like this:

Anyway, I love the prints. I ordered mine in turquoise and grey because those are my bedroom/bath colors, but she customizes to your taste. She even went shopping for my personal colors based on what I told her in my email, which I really appreciated. The other ones on her site are really pretty, too ...

Love that green! I think her prices are really reasonable ... $60 for four handpainted canvases.

Do you have any personalized artwork in your home?

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