Aug 4, 2014

Curing what ails you

I don't have a lot of "favorites" about summer. Like, summer and I? We're not besties. Not by a longshot.

But one thing I like is that when it's really hot outside and the sun is shining and the kids are screaming at each other and Amelia's just whacked one of her brothers with a sword in the face and made him cry and I want to kill myself, WE CAN JUST MAKE THE EXECUTIVE DECISION TO GO TO THE POOL.

And one of the local Y pools has some slides that the boys love, so they often request to go there. Which is good, but it's farther away than some of the other ones, but when you're trying A) not to die, and B) not to kill anyone, sometimes you're willing to drive a little ways.

I don't know why I'm always amazed at how much energy the kids have.

Almost 12 years later, I shouldn't be surprised anymore. They practically triath-whatever in their sleep.

Nonetheless, as they slide, swim to the side, hoist themselves up and run back around to the steps, climb back up and slide again, I'm just in awe.

For hours on end, they do this. Where's this energy when we become adults? WHEN WE NEED IT TO DEAL WITH CHILDREN?

Jake became a really good swimmer last year and picked it right back up this year, so luckily he was able to keep up with Nick and Nathaniel in the pool and on the slides.

Amelia, on the other hand, well. She and her cherry Kool-Aid-stained chin weren't allowed on the slides because she couldn't pass the swim test. AND IT WAS HORRIBLE.

First it was horrible because my phone focused on the background instead of on her face.

Then it was horrible because she was relegated to the shallow area of the pool instead of the deep end where her brothers were rollicking.

Jake sweetly came over to spend time with her, but she's a total pro at rebuffing Jake. I don't know why she does it, but it kills him.

So eventually he gave up and went back to the slides.

I tried to keep Amelia happy over in the shallows, but she wanted to hang out with them and watch them slide. "FWUM CWOSE UPP."

And again, while my phone stubbornly refused to quickly focus on the PERSON instead of the background, THIS is the face of a pissed-off toddler, Internet.

Standing at the base of the slide, constantly whining, "I WANNA SWIDE. I WANNA SWIDE. I WANNA SWIDE."

And then turning away from me, refusing to look in my direction, because I was trying to take pictures of her during her time of sorrow. #teenagers

Look. Just in case my blog posts confuse you:

Don't ever let anyone tell you having kids is easy.

But don't ever let anyone tell you it isn't worth it.

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