Aug 15, 2014

Amelia's first LEGO set

Since the buys have always been big LEGO fans, it was only a matter of time before Amelia got interested in them. And seeing The LEGO Movie pushed her right over the edge.

When she saw Her Hero on a box recently, she batted her eyelashes at Grayson for a second, and that was all it took.

Nick, our resident LEGO expert, could hardly wait to rip into it and help her put it together.

Amelia was more excited about the individual pieces she recognized than the construction effort, if we're being honest.


The fact that the set came with its very own Flounder and Ariel were, indeed, HEFTY selling points.

That's not to say that Amelia didn't TRY her hand at putting the tiny little pieces together.

But it's possible she was easily distracted by Ariel herself.

I mean, when dad and your brother are willing to do all the work, it's easy to focus on the pretties.

But I guess a little girl can only stay in the way for so long before she's literally just IN THE WAY.

Not that she seemed to care, but eventually Nick just completely took over and acted as if she wasn't there at all.

Side note: Anyone else's kids wear those paper bracelets from Y camps and theme parks until they just biodegrade away several months later? No? Huh.

I thought once Nick got all up in her business, Amelia might get annoyed and leave, but she didn't. She hung in there.

She even tried putting some of the larger pieces together, with Grayson's help.

Still, Nick and Grayson did most of the work.

But their resolve and focus was impressive!

And in the end, success!

Jake popped in from the den and wanted his picture taken with the finished product.

What you DON'T see in that picture is that everyone yelled, "NO. YOU DIDN'T DO ANY OF THE WORK!" Including Grayson. And then I made them include him because he got tears in his eyes because they hurt his feelings. I mean, Jake's smile makes everything better. How can you not let him jump in the picture? GET REAL.

Internet, she was SO proud of her Ariel LEGOs.

It stayed in that state for approximately 10 minutes, and it is now scattered all over my house, just like the rest of our LEGO sets. It will never be fully intact again.


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