Jul 8, 2014

To Gigi's house we go

Every year on our way to the beach, we stop in the tiny town of Marion, South Carolina, to see my grandmother. Her birthday is June 29th, so we're always there right around that time, as luck would have it.

This year, our drop-in was the day before her 97th birthday ... but you'd never know it to look at her. I don't think she's aged at all in the last 20 years.

She had a little gift for each of the kids, and they were so excited to open them. Jakey went first.

He was so thrilled with his Olaf spiral-bound notebook and matching pen, and he also got a Ring Pop! Nothing better, in his mind.

Jake loves my grandmother, or "Gigi," as the kids call her. (It's short for "Great-grandmother.")

But after he hugged her, he did step away from her and the following DID transpire:

Jake: "Gigi, you have a black tooth."

Grandmother: "I DO? What do you mean?"

Jake: "Well, not the whole THING, but just a black DOT I noticed when I hugged you."

He keeps EVEN GIGI on her toes.

Next, Amelia wanted to take her turn. Once she saw that Frozen merch might be on the table, she wasn't letting any moss grow on THAT stone.

She pulled Anna and Elsa flipflops out of the giftbag and I thought she was going to melt right into the floor. She was THRILLED.


Of course she wanted to put them on immediately, and let me tell you something about toddlers' toes that had heretofore gone unnoticed by me: The length of their toes is sort of short. Meaning, the "inseam" of their toes doesn't really support the wearing of the flipflops. The little toe-thingie doesn't want to stay on their foot.

That means that you have to put flipflops BACK on a toddler's foot approximately 672 times a day. In case you were thinking about buying any.

The other item that was in her giftbag was a little Princess Amber figure, the matching one for her Princess Sofia. Again, THRILLED.

I think Amelia was surprised and pleased at how well Gigi chose.

Gigi earned hugs!

It was a really big deal, and Gigi ate it up. I was so happy that Amelia embraced her ... talked to her and hugged her and really engaged with her.

It's one of those afternoons I'll always remember.

Nick was next, and he also got an Olaf notebook and pen, and a Ring Pop.

He cuddled right up to Gigi and gave her a big hug. Grandmother was pleased as punch ... she just raved over how much the kids had grown and how sweet they were.

I think by this time Grayson may have laid a pillow down on the floor and gone to sleep, but it was Nathaniel's turn up at bat. He looks like a full-grown adult standing here, beaming next to Gigi. Almost breaks my heart, in a way.


Grandmother's sitter Anne, who's been with her for a little over eight years, loves our kids like they're her own grandkids. She's so sweet to us, and she loves to get pictures made with them, too.

Luckily she's got quite a knack with children, and they love her to pieces.

I honestly can't believe that Grandmother is 97. She's always been such an important part of my life, and I love her dearly! I love that my kids have all gotten to know her, and she, them. It's my greatest hope that we'll be going to a huge birthday party to celebrate her 100th!

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