Jul 9, 2014

Beach 2014: Sunday

Oh, before I get into our first day on the beach, I know those of you who don't follow me on Twitter will be really mad at me if I don't post the Annual Wal-Mart Picture.

If you're new here, every year when we go to the beach, we women head to Wal-Mart to get the first round of groceries the night we arrive. It's epic. We've got it down to a science now, after 11 years, so here are the fruits of our first grocery trip of the week (which comes after two Costco runs for paper goods/non-perishables and then fruits/veggies/meat):

One day I really ought to write a book about how we plan and pull off this vacation every year. There've got to be people out there who can benefit from our particular brand of large-family, spreadsheet-crazy, list-making neurosis.

Okay, onto Sunday.

Amelia hated the beach last year. HATED it. Wouldn't even set foot on it without crying.


It was torture, Internet.

Well, what a difference a year makes. Within two minutes of setting foot on the sand, this was the scene:

Girlfriend made herself right at home in the sand. The fastidiousness that she typically shows at every moment exited her body, not to be seen again until we reached the back porch and were within striking distance of her wipes.

Jake, of course, was an old hand at beach activities and settled in immediately.

He was so happy just to be there, he was glowing.

Here's part of our little Beach Plot. There's a whole separate grouping of chairs and umbrellas to the left of the frame, but it was so bright outside when I took this that I couldn't tell I cut a whole lot of our group out. Also, my virtual total blindness doesn't help. Oops.

Have you ever had a 2-year-old? Do you know what happens when you ask a 2-year-old to be in a picture that he or she doesn't want to be in? A few things can happen:

A) He or she can run away screaming.

B) He or she can lie on the ground and throw a tantrum.

C) He or she can cooperate. (Just kidding.)

D) He or she can yell "NO!" and stand his or her ground right there in your face.

I mean, I'm sorry but I could've stood there and snapped pictures of THAT all. day. long.

I'm glad I asked all the cousins to get together for a group picture on the beach on the morning of the first day, because I think it was the only one I got all week. GUESS WHO DIDN'T WANT TO BE IN THAT ONE, EITHER.

Also a good thing I took a picture of Heather and Adam. What is it about how as the week goes on, you just get lazy about taking pictures of everyone? I need to add a Shot List to my book ...

Bill and Patsy:

Even though the kids only see each other twice a year, they always fall back in with each other like no time has passed.

I love how they're just 13 little built-in friends (15 counting Jonah and Baby G!) who know they can count on each other.

As that first morning went on, Amelia continued to play really well in the sand.

Jake -- who can barely stand to spend a moment away from her -- opted to play with her rather than in the ocean most of the day.

For whatever reason, Ocean Isle Beach planned its 4th of July fireworks for that evening, June 30. So we headed back out to the beach after supper that night around 8:30, and it was beautiful.

We lined up our chairs and when the fireworks started at 9:00, we were ready. The sky was getting much darker at that point, but I tried to let as much light in as possible so you could see our setup.

I actually couldn't see three feet in front of my face as I was taking these pictures, and it was too dark for my camera to focus ... I'm surprised they came out at all. It was much darker than it appears to be here.

Do you know the very best thing about 4th of July blog posts? CRAPPY FIREWORKS PHOTOS.

But you're in luck, Internet! That's not all I have for you. I ALSO have this really out-of-focus family shot that I took in total darkness that I decided to share with you anyway!

Seriously. I took the one above, and then I turned around and took the ones below. It was PITCH outside.

Sorry to assault your eyes with all of those. I know they're all from far away and they're not worth a pip. But that's what our evening was all about, so as Grass Readers, you had to be subjected to them.


More beach to come. Because who doesn't want to hear more from the family who experienced A PERSONAL BEST this year with only two -- COUNT 'EM, TWO -- "I have to pottys" on the way to the beach?

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absepa said...

Looks like Amelia is DONE with the paparazzi.

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