Jun 19, 2014

Things people say ... vol. 11

I'm back with the 11th installment of my snarkiest post series.

Ma-JAR-ity. There is only one A in "majority," and it falls in the first syllable. Let's keep it there.

DOT-sun. Datsuns used to be cars before they all became Nissans. Dachshunds are the dogs. Please be aware of how to pronounce the breed of dog you own. #themoreyouknow

Cheh-POLE-tay. The way people pronounce the name of this restaurant (Cheh-POHT-lay) makes me wish it had never been founded. 

PILL-uh.  You lay your head on a PILL-oh. There's no U in "pillow." THERE'S NO HELPING SOME PEOPLE.

Mis-CHEE-vee-us. There's a whole slew of people that walks around pronouncing "mischievous" as if there's another I after the V. BUT THERE'S NOT. I'm here to tell you that it's MIS-chuh-vus. It's not pronounced as if it's a lady.

Got any to add to today's list?

If you liked this one, don't miss the previous "Things people say" ... posts. You can read them here. (Losing all of my Comments in the 2013 blog redesign is one of my greatest sorrows, because the Comments on these posts in particular were solid gold. **crying real tears**)

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