Jun 17, 2014

Our newest soccer player

It's been a long time -- at least four years -- since we've spent a lot of time on the soccer field.

Nathaniel played for several seasons, and Nick played for one. Jake was practically BORN on the soccer field, so it's no wonder he's always wanted to play. (If you've been reading for a reeeeeealllly long time, you might remember this post and others like it.)

But spring 2014 was Jake's time to shine, and he was ready. So every Thursday night and every Saturday morning this spring, we were out there for practices and games.

Some of us dressed up more for the occasion than others.

Ima go back to the pictures of Amelia's delivery and see if she was sporting any sunglasses or costume jewelry. Because it seems likely that she came out of the womb with SOME sort of bling on her person.

Jake has been more excited about earning a "twoh-fee" for his soccer season than about the actual playing of the soccer for over a year.

For years, he's been envious of his brothers' trophies, all lined up on the dressers and shelves, and he's just longed for one of his own. THIS IS HIS YEAR, INTERNET.

Every game was preceded by a huddle with Coach Angela.

"Uh, Coach Angewuh? I have a question."

"Nevuh mind. I fuhgot."

Internet, you've never seen someone with so little grasp of the game play with so much heart.

Jake wasn't often all that near the ball during most of the games, but he was always full of excitement.

I'd get REALLY excited when he'd get his foot on the ball, encouraging him to move it down the field. Sometimes he would hilariously turn to his coach and yell, "WHICH WAY? WHICH WAY?!"

It's hard to remember which goal is yours when everyone is running the same direction, Internet.

But he was committed, by golly. He hung in there.

He'd kick the ball and follow up.

He never scored a goal all season long, but look how excited he got when one of his teammates did:

I mean, I should probably be GLAD he didn't score. I don't think his little heart could've handled the thrill.

Whether he scored or not, or had his foot on the ball or not, he was intense. Look at his face as he chased it down in these shots ...

I MEAN. He was just giving it his all. All the time.

And penalty kicks, or whatever they're called? LOVED 'EM.

Wouldn't the World Cup be so much more adorable if every time they kicked the ball in, they raised their arms in victory and did a little dance? YES, YES IT WOULD.

Every game ended with "the tunnel," formed by both teams' parents.

Quite frankly, the kids love the tunnel as much as they love the game.

We owe our wonderful coach, Angela, so much for volunteering so much of her time so that our team could have such a fun season this spring. Here's to all the volunteer coaches of the world!

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