Jun 25, 2014

Jake's 6th birthday party

You may remember that Jake's 6th birthday was April 16th.


I will not be bound by the modern calendar. Or whatever.

Easter pictures? Still may come after our Annual 4th of July Beach Trip if you're still interested in seeing them.

Jake's birthday was a lot of fun. He's BIGTIME into The LEGO Movie. Not into LEGOs that much, but the movie? Yes.

So I decided on a LEGO theme for his party. Our cake lady did a great job (as usual) on the cake.

I mean, REALLY. She made the letters of his name look like LEGOs.

I asked my friend Jamie to make some LEGO cake pops to go along with the cake, and she obliged.

Jamie has a gift. It's called "She Can Make The Heck Out Of Cake Pops."

Jake was so excited to see all the different faces! I ordered half butter pecan, half butter (plain yellow cake).

When I say I had a "LEGO-themed party," all that really means is that I ordered the LEGO cake and cake pops. It's not like we PLAYED with LEGOs or anything like that. NO MA'AM. This was an outdoor party.

Jake invited friends from his kindergarten class and one friend from his preschool class -- who came! He and his friend Damon (on the left, below) have been FaceTiming over the past year, keeping their friendship alive. IT'S THE CUTEST THING EVER.

When it was time to send out invitations for his party, Jake said, "I want to invite Damon so he can meet some of my NEW fwiends." So of course we did. And these pictures of Jake with his old friend Damon and his newer friend Carter just Make. My. Life.

It wasn't just boys, though. Jake invited the girls, too, and they seemed to have just as much fun as the boys did.

Even though I don't host "Pin-worthy" birthday parties, I know the kids enjoy them, and that's the most important thing for me. Also, that I don't have to stay up until 3 a.m. and get up again at 6 a.m. to decorate. That is also very important to me.

Let's mutually agree that my rusty outdoor furniture is "charming." Thx.   #Pinterest

As always, one of our Party VIPs was Miss Anna, our beloved babysitter and the reason that Grayson and I still have any shred of sanity left.

Also present and accounted for was Little Sister! She found the cake.

And this may be the very most "AMELIA" picture I've ever taken of her:

She had a great time at the party. She would only have enjoyed it more if he'd opted for a Frozen theme.

September is coming, Internet. September is coming.

Did I mention Amelia found the cake? Yes, well, I think she went back for seconds. Or found someone's leftovers.

We totally enjoyed our laid-back party ... much fun was had, even wrapping around to the front yard.

Somehow I managed to not get a picture of my parents with Jake ... I really DO need to post the Easter pictures at some point, because Easter was this same weekend and there are pictures of my parents in that batch.

I promise to get them up before Labor Day!

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absepa said...

The colors of Amelia's cake plate blend into her dress such that I thought she was eating cake directly off her lap. and you know, if that's what it took to get some cake, I would totally do it, too.

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