May 2, 2014

In which I didn't brush Amelia's hair

I shared several of these pictures from our last outing to our elementary school's playground as part of my most recent Slices of Life post, but I didn't include all of them.

For your sakes, I wish I were energetic enough to go back and figure out which ones I shared and which ones I didn't.

Unfortunately, I'm not.

And although I can't give you the exact date of this outing, I can tell you that it was around the time that Amelia needed a haircut. In general.

I know there must be at least two of you who are shocked that I allow(ed) her to leave the house looking this way.

Well, HERE'S a real kick in the pants for your Friday morning: You're looking at a 2-year-old who already chooses her own clothes, accessories and shoes for the day, AND dictates how long you're allowed to brush her hair before she declares, "TANGLES OUT!"

Go ahead. Judge away. When we're trying to get six people out of the house before 7:15 every morning, we choose our battles wisely. Doc McStuffins T-shirt, navy leggings with a paint stain on the thigh, ankle boots and finger-brushed hair? FINE BY ME, IT'S FRIDAY.

Luckily that face ... well, it causes The General Public to cut her a little slack.

Works the same magic on her brothers.

Speaking of her brothers, they MIGHT be characters.

Loveable characters.

As much as Jake wants to try skateboarding, he's not quite ready to take the risks yet.

But his big brothers are.

Nick can't get enough of his skateboard or bike.

He'd be on one or the other 24/7 if we'd let him.

We go through a lot of Band-Aids around here.

Oh, and this one? We're on the final countdown to the day his braces come off. TWELVE DAYS.

Stick around, Internet. You know there'll be pictures of that.

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