Apr 2, 2014

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 59

Internet, it's been almost three months since you've been treated to a set of Uncomfortable Truths. Have you missed them? 

1. Having a ceiling fan set on medium is absolutely necessary for me to be able to sleep. What is problematic, however, is that I have been convinced -- for my entire life -- that sometime during the night, the fan is going to come flying off the ceiling and the blades are going to chop me up.

2. A while back, my Twitter friend Laura McClellan Tweeted that she eats Oreos this way: "I twist, eat the side w/ the creme, then the side w/o." Which brought to mind how I eat Oreos: I twist the tops off of three of them and throw the tops away. Then I stack the remaining three cookies (with creme) together and eat them like a little Oreo Burger.

3. This may make me a terrible person, but I don't want this to happen to me. I'm perfectly fine with dying peacefully in my sleep YEARS LATER.

4. I attribute the fact that I never know how old I am to the fact that I wasn't born in an even year. But we were married in an even year, and I can't ever do the math on how long we've been married, so ...

5. I have to put my bra on backwards and upside-down (so I can see the hooks), hook it, then swing it around and flip it upright.

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