Mar 6, 2014

Photo Tips ... and the winner of the photography session!

For those of us who hope that the next picture out of our camera is magically going to be THE picture -- The Great One -- of our kids or ourselves, Alison has some tips:

  1. Know your camera. Read the manual, understand the program settings and memorize it the best you can. Photographers create the best images, not the camera.
  2. In full sun, look for complete shade. Not speckled shade that will leave patterns on faces, but full, solid shade. 
  3. Don't be afraid to shoot into the sun. 
  4. Don't be afraid of cloudy days either.  What looks like a dreary day in person comes across as soft, even light in photographs.  These are especially good for a portrait session.
  5. Vary your angles -- get high, get low, get close, and step back. Get the whole story. (Bonus: check out your macro settings for getting close. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!)

Now remember, even if you aren't the winner of the free photo session, you can still take advantage of the half-priced Super Mini Sessions coming up on Saturday, March 29 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Super Mini includes a 20-minute mini-session, a gallery of 10 to 20 of the best images, and three digital downloads of your choice (with printing rights).

And now, for the winner of the photo session with Alison:

Comment #6, Leann!

Email Alison at to set up your session, and CONGRATULATIONS! 

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