Jan 29, 2014

West Elm opened in Birmingham!

I'm going to tell you the story about our snow/ice storm later this week (I know that's why you all REALLY stopped by today), but that story isn't over yet. So I'm holding off for another day or two.

For now, I'm going to tell you something that I've been HORRIBLY REMISS in sharing: West Elm opened up shop in Birmingham in October.

Internet. I have loved West Elm The Catalog Version for as long as I can remember. So to have West Elm The Store Version in my own city, well, it's almost too good to be true.

It's located at The Summit on Hwy. 280 and it's full of AMAZING things. 

 The store is styled like a home, so of course you want to take every bit of it home with you.

I almost squealed when I saw my bottles in person. Look familiar?

From my mantel makeover!

The colors in the store are right up my alley.

And they have entire WALLS of color stories set up. No lie.

I was in there before Christmas and they had so many beautiful, fluffy, cuddly things. I could have bought nine of these blankets.

But everywhere I turned, there were more things I wanted. Think that's why they invited me? Huh.

"Totes Ma Goats." I MEAN. Internet. Don't you just have to HAVE one of those?

I thought the Chicken Wing one was cute, too.

Pretty vignettes everywhere I looked.

Textures upon textures. LOVE.

And things I'd seen pictures of in The Catalog Version but that really captured my attention in The Store Version so much more.

P.S. Every time I see a bed in a store, I want to curl up and to sleep. Can't help it. This bed was no exception.



If you want to accessorize with citron, you just take a gander at the citron section of the wall.

 Same thing with blue.

And if you're more into earthtones or neutrals, they've still got you covered.

There's so much more, I can't possibly cover it all. If you're in Birmingham, you really need to go see it for yourself. But if you're not ... well, I have to say. West Elm The Catalog Version is still a pretty great option.

West Elm invited me to tour their store before it opened and gave me a $25 gift card with which to shop. They did not ask me to write a post about the store, but I'm more than happy to tell you that I loved it and I've always found their products to be of the highest quality.

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