Nov 9, 2012

Before and after: the mantel

Our home's overall interior design has been in transition for the past few years. I've been moving from our old 1990s/2000s colors, fabrics and furniture to a more updated pallette and "feel." As I've mentioned, though, that takes both time and money. A lot of both.

One area that's been a particular eyesore -- and is unfortunately quite a focal point of the home, as you know if you have one in yours -- is our mantel.

Ours is really tall, because it's got a lot of moulding and it sits atop a tall brick hearth. My friend Ashley painted a beautiful landscape for me a few years ago, and it fits perfectly up there, but as hard as I've tried styling around it, I've failed time and time again. Most recently, I tried this set of three vases, which I've had for years, because the color tones were similar to the ones in the painting. Actually, the silver one used to be terra cotta,but I spray painted it because there aren't any warm tones in the room anymore ... and the spray paint looked terrible. DIY FAIL.

So I Tweeted my interior design expert friends Emily and Rene and told them they needed to start offering mantel consultations! I was kidding (not really), but Emily told me to send her a picture and she'd see what she could do. So I sent her my crappy pictures, and she suggested glass bottles in various sizes and some faux succulents in a basket.


I love it.


Recycled glass jugs from West Elm.



Thank you so much, Emily!

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