Jan 6, 2014

Last part of Christmas roundup

Now that we're well into January, it seems like an appropriate time to wrap up our Christmas coverage, n'est pas?

Much of the remainder of the week with my parents and sister involved outdoor activity, because the weather was really nice in Birmingham.

Fifty degrees and sunny?


That's barefoot-on-the-trampoline weather.

No-leggings-in-the-backyard weather.

Let-out-a-rebel-yell weather.

You get the picture. We enjoyed ourselves just a little bit.

The weather also gave us the chance to shoot some hoops in the driveway using our new basketball goal.

The boys took Pop on in a game of H.O.R.S.E. I think my dad might have been wearing too many layers. Put him at a disadvantage.

Everybody got into the action ... even Amelia. I don't think she really knew what basketball was all about, but if her brothers were doing it, then BY GOLLY SHE WAS DOING IT TOO.

I swear sometimes I look at her and she just looks like a mini-me of this one.

The game of H.O.R.S.E. went on for a good, long time, with everyone nailing several impressive shots.

Most of them were of the more traditional variety ...

... but there WAS the occasional blind, over-the-shoulders shot that they sank!

Amelia was content to "pretend" she was playing for a while ... but not for long.

At some point she asked for an assist.

And of course that wish was granted.

TO MUCH FANFARE AND APPLAUSE!!! Oh, it was an exciting, exciting time. Amelia's first sunk basket.

Pop's gonna have to work on his upper-body strength, because Amelia's going to want many an assist from now on.

I can't tell you how sorry I was when it was time for my family to leave, particularly my sister. I miss her so much ... Wyoming is so far away.

The best news, though, is that our Disney trip is only six weeks away! I can hardly believe we'll all be together again so soon. Beyond, BEYOND excited about it!

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