Jan 3, 2014

Christmas, continued

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think I was done?

I was not.

I mean, there were like three or four more whole DAYS after Christmas during which my family was here. So I have a couple more posts to knock out for you.

For instance, I have yet to tell you about how we're raising our very own Ivana Trump.

You haven't heard? OH YES. Amelia is very into jewels. And she received a jewelry box as well as many beautiful rings and bracelets for Christmas.

The right combination of accessories can distract from bedhead, you know. Beauty secret.

In addition to the rings and bracelets, Amelia also got a Doc McStuffins watch for Christmas. You can see it on her wrist in the picture below ... she hasn't taken it off since she got it. I bet the wristband smells scrumptious right about now.

I'm including this picture because the next batch is all cell-phone pictures in a restaurant. Read: THEY'RE HORRIBLE. So here's your one great one, taken by my sister with her real camera at breakfast the day after Christmas.

The night after Christmas, my parents treated us to a meal at Sumo, a Japanese steakhouse. It was Amelia's first visit to a restaurant where they cook right in front of you, and I'm pretty sure she thought it was okay.

Jamie joined us and was the life of the party, as usual.

Our chef was great ... he was quick with our food and wasn't overbearing and obnoxious.

We weren't sure how Amelia would react to the fire and steam, but she did great! She took her cues from the boys and just totally enjoyed it.

Although Jake had been a couple of years ago, he didn't remember it -- so it was really as if he was there for the first time, too.

Although I'm a chicken girl, I ordered the filet that night, and now I may never order chicken there again! The filet was great.

Here's Amelia's chair. Won't you have us over to supper soon?

After supper we went back to the house and enjoyed snow-globe cake pops, made by Jamie. DE-LISH, of course.

And we played Heads Up, the app developed by Ellen DeGeneres, which I love. Have you ever played? My sister and I had been playing all week, so of course we had to bring Jamie -- our pop culture sister -- into the fold with us. I mean, just watch my sister give me a clue for Macy Gray and try not to die like I did:

(Yes I laugh like nine different ways. Yes I know they're all obnoxious.)

The next day we went to one of the kids' favorite restaurants, Chow Town, for lunch. I take a lot of flak for eating at this restaurant BUDDY, where I eat exactly two things: white rice and honey chicken. And I drink Diet Coke. They have great Diet Coke. Excellent ratio of syrup to carbonated water. This is a delicate balance that somehow all restaurants have not mastered, FYI.

I digress. What is important is the fact that Amelia thoroughly enjoyed her mint chocolate chip ice cream and then polished it off by picking up her cup to drain it directly by mouth. WHEN IN DOUBT, REMOVE THE SPOON MIDDLEMAN.

"Still a little left? Yep."


"Got every last drop. It was MAGNIFICENT."

And lest the pictures leave any doubt in your mind, the fortune cookie tells the story ...

Oh, and now that she's 2 years old ... walking and talking up a storm? Having three brothers and a daddy wrapped around her finger wasn't enough anymore.

She's added a Pop to her list.

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