Jan 21, 2014

Keeping it real

Last night at supper, Jake pulled the Table Topic "Where would you go if you were going to run away from home?"

So, as the rules go, we went around the table and gave our answers.

Nathaniel: "To a rich person's house. I'd dig a hole under it and live there."

Nick: "Fiji."

Me: "Hawaii."

Grayson: "DANGIT."  [bangs his hand on the table in frustration]

Me: "Wait. Is that where YOU would run away to? Because I assume the point of the question is that I would be running away FROM ALL OF YOU. So maybe I need to choose someplace different."

Grayson: "No, we can both choose Hawaii. I'll pick a different island than you."

Me: "Okay, deal. I get Kauai."

ALL THE KIDS:  [blink, blink]

Related: I finally updated my About Me page with the pictures we had taken in October. Pictures of me with all these people I love very much and am not even remotely thinking about leaving. But if I were, I'd go to Hawaii.

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