Jan 15, 2014

I painted the inside of my front door black

How's that for an in-your-face post title?

I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I've been painting things here and there and papering things here and there ... who knows what I'll get into next?

The other day while Grayson was at the Y working out, I got out a can of paint and did something I've been wanting to do for two years ... I painted the inside of our front door charcoal.



I needed to paint it anyway ... it either needed to get a fresh coat of trim white, or it needed a new look altogether.

So I opted for the altogether-different look!

I particularly like the way the black picks up on the leaded glass sidelights ...

And whereas the brass handle didn't contrast much against the dingy old white paint ...

... It's got a new lease on life against the black.

Nick asked me to take his picture next to it on our way out the door to school the other day ... he's a big fan of the new look.

You can't see a whole lot of it in the picture above, but I'm planning to sand down the plain oak banister and stain it dark ebony (not paint, you wood purists, STAIN it) to coordinate with the door. That's another little project I've been wanting to tackle for several years but DUST. (I also already have the grey paint to do the walls of the foyer; this camel color is the oldest color in our house, and it needs to GO.)

At any rate, this was about a one-hour project ... I had Home Depot add primer to the paint, brushed on two coats (waited about three hours in between coats) and was done. Didn't tape anything off, didn't put down a dropcloth.

I love the results so much, I want to tackle my back door next!

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