Jan 24, 2014

A new playground, which according to the kids should be rendered as 'A NEW PLAYGROUND'

I know I haven't posted many recent pictures of the kids lately. There's a good reason for that. I haven't TAKEN many pictures of the kids lately.

But I came across a whole batch of them from November that I never shared with you when I was ordering prints for the Winter Scrapbooking Crop this weekend (Holla!)

I'm sure you will all IMMEDIATELY notice that these pictures were taken prior to The Great Lice Invasion of 2013.

You can tell because the kids all have a ton of hair on their heads.

They don't have it anymore. They may never have it again.

Anyway, I took this series of pictures when we went up to the school playground one Saturday morning.

Safety first! Or so I've heard.

I don't know if you remember or not -- but if you don't, why don't you remember every detail of my life? -- but Amelia got a black eye at daycare around that time.

It was a real humdinger.

She's lucky her amazing blonde locks distracted from it. (Seriously. Why does she get the great hair?)

It's funny now, seeing these from a couple of months ago, how far Nathaniel's teeth have come in that short time.

He gets his braces off in May! That day can't arrive soon enough for him ... he's had them since October of 2012.

Nick's hair was so long back then that if he didn't sweep it over to the side like Bieber, it covered his eyes.

Drove me up a WALL.

His dimples kill me.

One on each side. He's very proud of them.

His charm is rivaled only by his energy.

I wanted to share these with you once I rediscovered them because among them are some of my favorites of the year of our kids.

They're not glamorous or well-lit.

It wasn't a pretty day.

And their clothes didn't coordinate. Shoot, they were dressed for different SEASONS.

But they were in their element, and it showed on their faces.

Also, I worry when I go too long without posting pictures of the kids that our families might send a hit man out to get me.

I hope you enjoy a huge belly laugh at some point this weekend.

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