Dec 19, 2013

The day I died

The next time an Internet meme rolls around and it asks "When was the last time you cried?", please remind me that it was the day that all four of my children were sent home early from school because they had lice.* LICE.

Not just nits. Live lice.

So that day was yesterday, and Grayson was the total hero and did the hairwashing and the bed-linenwashing and the haircombing and the spraying of the upholstery while I sat at work maniacally scratching my own head, convinced that I had the creepy-crawlies, too.

The house was a jumble of linens, pillows, clothes ... anything that might seem hospitable to lice. GAH.

And when I got home at 7:30, I took all four of them to get their hair cut. SHORT. And then we got a scoop of consolation ice cream afterward. Freshly shorn, they are.

Home-schooling? All of a sudden looks like a more viable option.

In related news, my sister may have just decided she's not coming for Christmas.

*I didn't really cry. But I could have.

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