Dec 17, 2013

Our first mother-daughter tea!

Well THERE'S a blog post title I never thought I'd type. And as you can see from the look on her face, Amelia wasn't too sure about it, either.

But my friend Stacey, who lives just down the street from us, had invited us to our very first mother-daughter event last Saturday afternoon, and Amelia had been looking forward to it for two days. (That's as far in advance as I was willing to tell her about it. I'm not a glutton for punishment, Internet.)

Did you know when you're a mom of a girl, sometimes you get to tote a pink blanket around like you're an idiot? True story.

Anyway, we walked down the street to Stacey's house -- by the way, Stacey's a loyal blog reader! -- and I was beyond thrilled to see lots of delicious food on the table when we got there. Well, THIS is a plate. But it's an important plate. Study it closely.

Because Stacey called my cake lady Vickie and had her copy that plate design for her party cake! Is it perfection or WHAT.

Adorable. That little sprig of holly just slays me.

Amelia was ready for a plate of food basically right away, but she wanted me to stick really close to her. She wasn't so much into "mingling."

Eating got a big thumbs-up. Mingling got a big thumbs-down.

I wanted to share a picture with you that Stacey took of all the little girls who were there ... there were about 15 or 18 of them, maybe? But I didn't know all of their moms, and I never post pictures of people's kids here who I don't know. Unless I can be 100-percent sure they'll never find out. Like Disney World people or something.

I did ask Stacey to take a picture of us with my dear friend Laura and her daughter Layton ... Laura and I have been friends for about 10 years, and I am godmother to her son Joe. (She's a mom of seven.) For you regular readers, she's the one who leads the weekend scrapbooking crops I go to twice a year ... love her to pieces!

Then I asked Laura to take a picture of us with Stacey and her daughter Mary El. Stacey might kill me for posting this picture, but this picture is SO STACEY. I love it! Plus, I think it's adorable of her.

But since she was such a great hostess, here's one of her with a regular smile for good measure.

Stacey said she's going to try to make it an annual event, which would be so much fun! And maybe next year Amelia would even let go of me long enough to talk to one of the other little girls.

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