Nov 14, 2013

The winners. Yep, PLURAL.

Because more of you entered to win the Initials, Inc., giveaway than entered the $100 Target gift card giveaway I once did (WHAT?!), I decided that you monogram-lovin' fools must REALLY want a new bag.


It's not like I'm made of money and I can't give everyone credit with Sheri, but in addition to the $50 gift certificate to Sheri's Initials, Inc., shop, I'm giving one runner-up a $20 gift certificate, too.


The first-place winner, as selected by, is Laura Baggett of Rome, Ga.!

And the runner-up, who will receive the $20 gift certificate, is Shelley from South Carolina ("Think beach!")

I'm glad you guys were excited about it, and I hope that even if you didn't win, you'll help support Sheri's business at some point. After all, she's my ex-boyfriend's wife, you know. And he's a firefighter and all-around great guy. WHO DOESN'T LOVE FIREFIGHTERS.

So buy a monogrammed bag, support a local North Carolina fireman, is the message here.

Congratulations, winners! Sheri has all the details you need to start shopping, so hop on over to her site or email me for details.

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