Sep 18, 2013

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 54

Here it is ... the second in the first-ever Uncomfortable Truths Double-Header. Hope it was worth coming back for.

1. I try to put the same brand of gas in my van as often as possible. I'm afraid if I put BP, then Exxon, then Shell in my van, it will blow up.
2. Re: #1, when I'm driving through Georgia, all bets are off. It's QT gas every time even though we don't have those in Alabama, because cappuccino.
3. My friend Vanessa gets gas whenever she sees a gas station, whether she needs it or not. I basically buy gas at gunpoint.

4. When someone I leave messages for changes their voicemail greeting, it rocks my world. I only change mine when I get a new phone, so, once every four years? Mine could still state my maiden name for all I know.

5. When Jan tweeted this out recently, it made me laugh, because it relates to one of my Uncomfortable Truths:

I have three levels of underwear, too. Level 1 = The Top Tier. Great fit, no holes, tight elastic. Level 2 = More than five years old, stained crotches, probably a hole or two. Level 3 = DEFCON 1. The lowest of the low that you can still call underwear. Just one step removed from a pair of Under-Alls from the '80s that's stuck in a crevice in the back of my chest of drawers.


absepa said...

Double header FTW! I've always operated an Underwear Ranking System, but I thought it was just me. And this is why Uncomfortable Truths are so awesome. They make me feel a little more normal, every time.

Unknown said...

Ummm...Stained crotches? That is absolutely disgusting. You just lost a reader.

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