Sep 4, 2013

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 53

1. Nine times out of 10, I can identify which of my kids passed gas by the smell.

2. Easter eggs were still in the hurricane globes in my den until August 17 ... and I only took them out because Jamie and Erin were coming to supper.

3. Over the four years I've been on Twitter, I've only Favorited four Tweets. For whatever reason, I've been under the impression that Favorited Tweets stack up somewhere like the blog posts you Favorite in feedly. Like they require some future action. Only just recently discovered that's not the case ... so I may start doing it.

4. Like Stephanie mentioned when she bared her soul here, a visible number bubble over the email icon on my iPhone freaks me out. I only use it as an "alarm" to do a task. So if all my mail is read, that icon is blank. But if I've read my mail and one of the emails requires me to do something that day, I mark it as new so that little red "1" will remind me I HAVE to do it by bedtime. Speaking of, APPLE, why can't you mark a Text as "new"? #valueadd

5. Grayson scatters nuts, raisins and grapes on a shelf in the corner of our kitchen for Amelia to eat, as if she's a pigeon. I allow it.

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