Aug 7, 2013

Pinch-hitting: Uncomfortable truths by Stephanie Parker

Recently I invited several of my blogger friends to share some of their Uncomfortable Truths with you, and one of those friends is Stephanie of Plain Chicken fame.

I decided to share them with you over a month of Wednesdays. Because that will give you something to live for on Wednesdays.

I know that many of you read Steph's blog, but she doesn't often reveal much of her personal life there. So. I hope you enjoy this Very Rare Glimpse into her disturbing psyche ... about which you'd get a clue from the way she signed off her email to me: "Now I'm off to wait and see whose guest post you publish first. It is the Grass Stains version of The Hunger Games."

Take it away, Steph! ...

1. It annoys me when someone's phone rings (loudly with an annoying ringtone) and they just look at it and let it ring. Either answer the phone or mute that ringtone. We don't want to listen to it. I have to resist the urge to scream at them to mute the ringtone for them! They would totally deserve it though.

2. I hate people that leave their blinker on. How can they not hear it blinking? The best is when they turn right when their left blinker is on. I rarely let people over on 280. I always assume that they don't even know that they have their blinker on. If I have ever not let you over on 280, you can thank those blinker people for that. 

3. I never go to the bathroom at the movie theater once they turn off the lights. I am afraid I won't be able to find my seat when I come back in and I will have to watch the movie alone. Only weirdos watch movies alone. I don't want to be a weirdo.

4. I always have missed call or voicemail notifications on my iPhone. It can be as high as 10. It doesn't bother me to see that number hovering on the Phone icon, but Email must always be zero. I can't stand to have even one unread email message. I must know what people are emailing me about!

5. My biggest fear about going to prison is not being someone's girlfriend; it is not having my hairdryer and round brush. I have the most crazy curly/wavy hair. I have to blow it dry, blow it out with a round brush and flat iron it everyday or it is unruly. It literally grows. It gets huge like Monica's hair in Barbados. Seriously! I can go to bed with straight hair and wake up looking like Medusa. My hair keeps me on the straight and narrow.


Read more Uncomfortable Truths here. If you dare.

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