Aug 19, 2013

Fighting the introversion gene HARD

After the first unofficial "Twitter Supper Club" at Tadd and Stephanie's house in June, I'd been wanting to do it again.

It's hard for me to take risks socially, because I'm an introvert at heart. I do have an extraverted SIDE, but I'd say I'm about 90 percent introvert, 10 percent extrovert. Maybe even 95/5. (And to anyone who knows me and disagrees with that, I will say this: Introversion is -- to a large degree -- about how you feel, not how you act.)

Anyway, I decided to dip my toe in the water and invite Jamie (whom I know well and referred to as "comfort food") and Erin (whom I'd never met and referred to as "the dish I'd never tried") to supper last Saturday night. (Okay, my metaphors can use some work.)

We started talking nonstop from the very moment they each walked in the door, and we didn't stop all night.

When I posted that picture to Twitter, Robin at Alabama Slacker Mama asked, "Is Jamie drinking out of a Jabba the Hut glass?" It cracked me up that she would even notice that ... out of all the little details in my messy kitchen that showed up in that picture, she noticed Jabba on Jamie's glass.


I have a full set of vintage Star Wars glasses that Burger King used to sell in the '70s and '80s. I bought them off of ebay several Christmases ago, and because I know that Jamie holds All Things Star Wars near to her heart, I offered them up Saturday night during our meal. As it turns out, Erin and her husband are fans, too.

Jamie brought a set of her homemade cake pops as a hostess gift ... they were red velvet on the inside. Pirates and pirate ships!

The boys, who we had fed before Jamie and Erin arrived -- but who were DYING for dessert -- could barely contain themselves once they saw the cakepops. Jake was literally jumping up and down.

After we enjoyed cakepops AND the brownies I'd made, the boys went up to bed and we all continued story-telling. Eventually Jamie made me tell Erin about my Instagram nightmare, with which Erin was not familiar. I guess it was worth it, because it netted me maybe the single best compliment I've ever received:

AND Erin somehow ended up on my kitchen floor -- I think in true empathy to my plight.

So our mini-#twittersupperclub was a success. I don't regret stepping out of my comfort zone for even a second. And I have to say, I feel like I've made a new friend, just in that one night. Erin and I have a lot of friends in common from years and years ago, and it was fun connecting all those dots as we shared stories.

I may be stepping out of my little box again sooner rather than later.

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