Jul 30, 2013

Our new fridge!

Way back when I wrote that post about the kids playing in a refrigerator box, my sister -- she's a thinker! -- asked, "Hey, if that's a fridge box, did you get a new fridge?"

And yes, as a matter of fact, we did. It's the biggest thing that's happened around here since Amelia was born. 

We bought an LG from Best Buy on mega-sale over Memorial Day, and it's been nothing short of life-changing. 

You might think that was hyperbole, but I assure you, it is not. We'd had our old freezer-on-top white fridge for 17 years -- our entire marriage -- since well before we had even one child. To say we'd outgrown it would be quite an understatement.

So we went big. Very big. So big, in fact, that although it fit the width of the space we had available, it was too tall. We had to cut the bottom of the upper cabinet off to fit it in the space. FINE BY ME, as Ross Gellar would say.

What follows is basically Fridge Porn. I mean, I could stop with the exterior picture I've already shown you, but I know you, Internet. I know you want to see what's in there.

First of all, there's lots and lots of LIGHT.

Whoever came up with the idea of putting an overhead light AND sidelights in a fridge instead of one single, tiny appliance bulb is a FREAKING GENIUS. Give him the Nobel Prize for Refrigerating. So the light is great. I'll go ahead and say that I don't love the French doors ... I know which one to open to get what I want out of the doors themselves, but to get what you want out of the interior of the fridge, you generally have to open both French doors. I'd be fine if it were just one large door on top.

There's GOBS of space in there. That's the technical term. Also, there's about 31 cubic feet if you want layman's terms.

The icemaker doesn't take up any space in the fridge or freezer area, because it's hidden behind this door. You can easily access it and even pull it out to dump in your cooler when you want to. (We've done it. It's easy.)

This door holds our larger items, like our gallons of milk and juice. The one weird thing about this door is that the butter is way up on top, and when you open the butter door, it slams back down. It doesn't stay open. Maybe it's just strange to me because I'm so short, but it's definitely less-than-desirable for me.

The center row of drawers is really deep, and we use it for produce and yogurt.

The long, flat drawer under the three middle drawers is for cheese and meats. I added a couple of plastic containers to hold our cheese for the kids, and they love that.

Oh, I took pictures of the lights because I love them so much. Look.

The freezer has three drawers ... the bottom one is separated into two deep compartments. We used the left one for frozen meat and the right one for quick kids' meals like corndogs, fish sticks and pizza rolls.

The middle drawer might be Grayson's favorite feature ... the pizza drawer. BIG selling point.

And the top drawer is for sweet treats and to hold our freezer blocks for the kids' lunchboxes and our coolers.

This is not a sponsored post and I'm not giving away a refrigerator! Sorry if you got this far and now you're looking for a Rafflecopter widget. Hint: If I ever do a fridge giveaway, I won't have taken the post's pictures with my phone.

I just wanted to share the tour of our newest addition with you. If you're in the market, I recommend it!

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