May 22, 2013

Amelia's new shoes

Amelia and I made a Girls' Trip to the mall last Sunday afternoon to buy her second pair of shoes. We went to the store where we bought Jake's first pair, as well as MANY others over time, but this was Amelia's first visit to this store.

She measured as a 5 XW ... no surprise, since our kids have all stayed in XW shoes until they hit elementary school. (We have juicy feet in this family.)

They only carried three pairs of shoes in her size in extra-wide, so we were a little limited. The first pair she tried on was a pair of sandals.

They looked really cute on her, although I personally thought they might be a little tight. (The salesperson disagreed.)

At first I thought Amelia was going to be okay with them ...

But she wouldn't even walk to me in them. I couldn't convince her to take two steps toward me.

Strike one.

Next up was a pair of high-top white shoes with pink flowers around the top and pink accents on the soles.


She couldn't get them off fast enough. She started untying those laces before I could make a move to do it for her.

Our last option -- shoes that will coordinate with approximately 0.04 percent of her wardrobe -- was a pair of navy blue sneakers with hot-pink flowers on them. And velcro straps.

Not only did she WALK in them, but she scrambled up on top of the nearby bench and jumped up and DOWN on it. I knew we had found our shoes.

They may not go with her clothes, but they certainly suit her personality. She was beside herself.

She jumped and jumped and jumped -- see the blur? And she squealed with delight.

I have no idea how many more trips to the mall I have in store with this little girl over the next 18 years -- I'm guessing more than two. I'm already worried that this completely non-verbal one was perhaps the most pleasant one I'll have.

Moms of girls? What say you?

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