Apr 2, 2013

The annual Bunko egg hunt

Oh, I debated about whether to post these Egg Hunt pictures here or not. I'm sure you've already seen 3,074 Egg Hunt pictures on other blogs already. But then I thought, who am I to deprive you of this sight? Of a little girl hunting Easter eggs for the first time with a pepperoni pizza crust clutched firmly in one hand?


Also, please note that I love you all enough that I put Amelia in a dressy dress for The Hunt, but I did not bother to make sure it was either buttoned all the way nor tied in the back for any of the pictures. You are so very welcome, and Happy Easter.

Amelia had her personal valet carry her napkin and Easter basket around beside her as she picked up eggs and occasionally nibbled on her pizza crust.

After all, just because The Hunt has started doesn't mean that lunch has to be over.

We had given the girls a few minutes' head start, but before long, the boys in the group were banging at the gates to get in. You can probably tell from the grins on their faces that they were PUMPED.

No, really. They were. (Those are my friend Susie's sons Drew and Michael in the Red Sox uniforms; they came straight from their ballgame.)

Once the gate opened, they were off like bullets. I love how every year Laura's son Brant comes dressed in the most awesome Easter colors.

There were about 150 eggs hidden in the yard, so there were plenty for the kids to find. Since 60 of them contained money, there was a lot of competition!

Did you happen to notice Nathaniel in that last shot? He was about to jump off the top of the climbing wall. I didn't notice I'd caught that until I was running through these pictures ... crazy kid.

I know Easter's not about egg hunts and money. And our kids know that, too. But I do like hosting it for our friends, and I also like to make the eggs worth finding ... and we can't hide chocolate in the eggs because it melts too quickly ... so we do hard candies and money. Works for us -- and keeps even the older kids excited about it every year.

Jakey forgot to put on his shoes and got caught behind the eight ball. He only picked up eight eggs during The Hunt because he couldn't run very fast without his shoes on. He was a remarkably good sport about it.

My friend Laura, her daughter Allie and son Brant love The Hunt and come every year. This year they brought Allie's friend Taylor, who is in 4th grade with Nathaniel and Allie, to The Hunt with them. It was fun to have another classmate there!

Susie's kids, Drew and Michael, are SO adorable and have really come into their own over the past year or so. They make me smile!

Amelia made it through the entire event AND PICKED UP MORE EGGS THAN JAKE DID. Must've been the shoes.

The pizza crust made it to the end, too. She never let it go. Girl is dedicated to her food.

And guess what. The next day we attended an egg hunt at my uncle's house. Amelia wore a different fru-fru dress. You know what that means.

More pictures.

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