Mar 19, 2013

My new design is live!

If you follow me via an RSS feed or email subscription, please come on over to the blog today to see my new blog design!

I'm so excited that it's almost done ... Colleen and I have a few more tweaks to make, so over the next day or two, if things shift around a little or elements go missing for a while, don't worry. She's just working behind the scenes.

Pay no attention to the fact that the pictures featured in the new banner are from November and it's now March.

When you only change your design once a year, things are always outdated. I decided to embrace it a long time ago.

My favorite part of the new design may be the little bunting that illustrates my "Subscribe & Connect" section. I love it!

From left to right, by clicking on any of them, you can:
  • Subscribe to my blog's RSS feed (add me to your feed reader)
  • Follow me on Twitter at @grass_stains
  • Follow me on Pinterest
  • Follow me on Instagram at grass_stains_the_blog
  • Send me an email at

And right below that, there's a box that allows you to subscribe to my blog via email. If you enter your email address there and click "Subscribe," you'll receive an email confirming that you want to receive my posts directly in your emailbox.

Many thanks to Colleen for her hard work on the redesign! I love it, and I hope you do, too.

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