Mar 26, 2013

Little lady in a pink dress

Does it seem to any of you like we (my family) should be able to do anything these days other than watch Amelia walk around?

I hope not. Because other than the basics of keeping ourselves alive, this is how we spend our time. We entertain ourselves by staring at this little girl as she navigates her way across any surface, all by herself.

It's way more entertaining than you might think, because half of the time she looks drunk as a skunk.

She weaves and bobs all over the place ...

... and she picks her feet up reeeeeally high to take each step.

She slurs her words and mumbles a lot.

And she pastes a silly little grin on her face when she's not babbling or squealing.

And sometimes her eyes aren't all the way open.

Not that I'm trying to take anything away from her, of course.

I mean, you can't argue with cuteness of this magnitude.

But like she, I wonder when I might find something else of interest to blog about again.

Because right now, these ruffles,

those arms,

those thighs,

that girl.

They're pretty much all we've got going on around here.

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