Mar 25, 2013

A day at Tannehill

One of my favorite things about living in Birmingham is the abundance of large parks and preserves to which we have such easy access. It makes me sad when people complain that there's nothing to do here, because I think they just aren't aware of the wonderful resources we have available to us, basically right outside our back doors.

Sunday before last, we decided to take the kids out to Tannehill State Park, which is about 25 minutes from our house. The day was overcast, but I dressed the kids in their swimsuits anyway, because if you put them within sight of a water source, you're a fool to think they won't at least get in up to their knees ... even if it's ice cold.

Which it was.

Which didn't deter them in the least.

Nathaniel and Jake jumped right in the creek, which was roughly 20 yards from our parking spot. They cavorted around for a bit, but Nick stuck his foot in and said it was too cold. I stuck my foot in and cried.

Grayson said that if we went up the trail a bit, the creek widened up and they could REALLY get in.

WELL BY ALL MEANS. If their lips were already blue just going in at the 14-inch level, I don't know why we wouldn't want to go ALL IN.

See these two men walking ahead of them on the trail? They were fishermen.

They were trying to find a quiet place to fish. Near us. Heh.

Amelia had been walking for about four or five days at this point, but the trail was a little uneven for her, so we took turns carrying her.

Her shoes were off because she also wanted to try wading in the water like her brothers. She, like I, cried. Frigid, I tell you.

Tannehill is full of beautiful structures like this one. I think they have more than 45 historical buildings, all told.

It's even more beautiful from the rear side ... the pictures don't do the size and craftsmanship justice.

They have craftsmen like millers and blacksmiths who perform demonstrations for the public, which is really neat.

We made our way up the trail along the creek and watched as it continued to open up ... it had some gorgeous small falls. I love the sound of rippling falls ... I wish I'd gotten a picture of that spot, but there were too many trees in the way to get a good one. Eventually we came upon an opening.

Amelia couldn't GET to this bridge quickly enough. She scrambled to get down from my arms.

And WHO KNEW? Off she and SuperWhy went, across the bridge. We were flabbergasted.

Back and forth she went while the boys tested out the water below.

She'd get to the gravel on one side, then turn around and come right back.

No lie, we think she walked that bridge 20 or more times.

I guess once she decided that walking was an acceptable mode of transportation, she decided she'd really make it count!

Meanwhile, our intrepid boys were in the creek, showing it who was boss.

I'm a terrible judge of water temperature. I'd guess it was around minus 12 degrees. Grayson would probably tell you it was around 60 degrees. Either way, TOO COLD FOR MOM.

My view. Presh.

The water was clear and clean. And did I mention cold.

The cold didn't stop them, not for a minute.

Every single one of the boys went in over their heads more than once. Crazy people.

Eventually I had to call it. I couldn't stand it anymore, even though they didn't want to leave. I staged a creek intervention.

But there will definitely be a next time. For sure.

And if you're local, be sure to check it out! Tannehill has so much to offer.

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