Feb 20, 2013

Weekend scrapbooking crop wrap-up

When I went to the semi-annual scrapbooking crop last June and wrote my post about it, I was reminded of how much you guys like to see what I did while I was there.

The most recent crop, in late January, was another really productive weekend for me, but I spent some of the time working on things for other people, so I didn't get QUITE as much done as I usually do on my own books. I still had a great time, though ... I worked almost exclusively on Amelia's First Year book, and I got it completely finished!

I needed to complete June through September, which doesn't sound like a lot, but they were action-packed months.

First, I tackled her first trip to the beach ... our annual family vacation with Grayson's side of the family:

(Oh, and I apologize that these pictures are a little fuzzy. I took them after I'd already put all the page protectors on, but I didn't want to remove all of them again to take the pictures. Sorry!)

Next on the agenda was our trip to Tennessee to go to the lake with our friends Honor and Doug and their kids.

August included some random around-the-house shots, as well as Amelia's school pictures.

August was also the month we spent a good bit of time at the pool, which she LOVED. I definitely had to memorialize that in her book.

September was a bittersweet month to work on! Even though she's 17 months old now, it was hard to scrapbook that milestone of 12 months old. One year! Wow. I'd saved several pages at the end of the book to document her many sweet faces. Awake ... sleeping ...

... and playful.

One of the last things in her book is her first birthday layout, which actually took up two more pages after these two. All of the good cake-eating, frosting-covered face pictures are on those pages.

And then the last thing in her book is her letter from me, which is the letter I write to each of the kids on their birthday, and I post them here, as well.

So now I've officially started her second book! I'm going to stick with the black pages for her, I think, although I use natural (tan) pages for the boys' books. I love the way the "girl colors" pop off of the black pages.

I'd love to hear from any of you who scrapbook, too!

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