Feb 19, 2013

The 'new' fine-motor skills

Amelia's really been working on her fine-motor skills lately. Oh, she turns dials, pulls strings and turns book pages like she's supposed to. But she's been doing some, shall we say, EXTRA-CREDIT EXERCISES recently, some of which have her brothers and me on high alert.

When I could, I snapped a picture for you. But, luckily for you, sometimes she's just too quick for me to get a photo.

She loves to:

Pick through Lucky Charms to eat the marshmallows first.

Pick her nose.

Pick MY nose.

Use key-commands to change the display settings on Nick's laptop.

(Side note: Please enjoy how I keep her dressed in pastel, feminine colors and make sure her hair is brushed and styled at all times.)

Pick up loose fibers from the carpet and examine them closely.

Exit Wii games without saving while the boys are playing.

Separate Scout's fur balls she finds under furniture into individual strands.

Internet, I went looking for a fur ball so I could post a picture here, and I found several. But then I decided I'd cut you a break. I mean, you've been subjected to plenty over the years, including several piles of cat poop. So let's just call this my good deed for the week, m'kay?

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